Yaser Hussein

Title: Loan Officer

Mobile: (856) 617-3519

Email: yhussein@acremortgage.com

NMLS #: 2405989


Looking to buy your dream home? Look no further! As a mortgage lending expert, I’m dedicated to helping you save money and find the best offer available. Partnering with a company that offers competitive interest rates, unparalleled flexibility, and innovative solutions, I guarantee you an
exceptional mortgage experience.

But what sets me apart? I bring a unique skill set to the table. With a master’s degree in politics and human rights, along with 12 years of experience as a real estate attorney overseas, I possess an in-depth
understanding of the industry. In the United States, I’ve spent 3 years honing my expertise in the mortgage field. You can trust in my vast knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire

From the very beginning, I will personally assist you, ensuring a smooth journey from the initial steps to the completion of your application. Together, we will determine the required documents for your preapproval letter, allowing you to start your search for that perfect dream home. I am committed to finding tailored solutions that address your specific needs, providing you with utmost satisfaction.

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